The idea that naturally occurring sacred geometrical shapes and designs reveal divine artistry can be traced back to Plato who is purported to have said,

"God geometrizes eternally." The thought was later echoed by mathematician Carl

Gauss. Scared geometry can be seen in everything-spinning galaxies, fractal rock formations, animal shells, etc., each shape having specific energy and showing a divine hand.

These art pieces designed by A.C. Lang 

contain the circle, (symbolizing eternal existence), the triangle, (symbolizing the trinity-grounded connection between humanity and the divine), and the hexagon, (representing balance),

forming the Merkaba which creates a union of body balancing positive light energy, grounding and protection. The abstract backgrounds for water and land are inspired by the beautiful LAKE TAHOE region. " When I first arrived here in 2014 and sat on the beach of Sand Harbor, a deep sense of serenity overcame me as I stared in rapture at the expanse of technicolor blue waters, protected by rich, green blankets of mountain forests.  Sacred water, represents the Lake Tahoe at its finest, a mirror, never showing exactly what is above but converting it to a balanced, peaceful image of nature so beautifully painted.

You thrive in all ways when you come

into energy balance! 



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Sacred Water

Sacred Land

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